The Nancy Watten Educational Scholarship

Each year Farmers Branch-Carrollton AAUW raises money to fund a local scholarship. The amount of money awarded depends on the success of money raising efforts during each year and the number of applications. The amount is usually between $500 and $1000.

This scholarship is intended as one of our efforts to lend support to women returning to college to complete baccalaureate degrees. The organization hopes to help women who have had to stop or delay their educational goals and now wish to return to complete a degree. Please consider this specific profile and refer students who you know fit the requirements and have the determination to complete a college degree. If you fit the profile yourself, please read the directions and complete the application.

Applications from candidates will be considered on the basis of merit and financial need. Incomplete or late applications will not receive consideration.

Charitable Contributions

If you would like to support this scholarship with a financial contribution, please contact our Foundation Treasurer at We would be glad to provide you tax deductible verification.

 Scholarship Award Recipients

2017 Recipient Dorisol Quirino

Dorisol Quirino currently attends Brookhaven College and plans to get an Associate of Arts in education by fall 2019. Transfer to a four-year college to complete her Bachelors of Education will help her achieve her dream of being an elementary school teacher. Her recommending professor says Dorisol is “capable of working independently, as well as, a team member.”

Furthermore, “she has an outgoing personality, is passionate about helping her peers, and has a bright future ahead of her.” Dorisol, 32, is a busy mom to four children ranging in age from 3 to 11 years old. She recognizes the importance of education for young children and the advantages an education provides. She wants her legacy to be part of “providing love and support to children.”

2017 Recipient Heather Wireman

Heather Wireman, our 2017 Nancy Watten Scholarship Recipient, fulfills every expectation of an adult woman returning to higher education. She did not go to college directly after graduation from high school in Austin, Texas, in 1994. She worked for a time and later moved to Dallas in 2002, met a man she would marry, and later had a son, now 11 years old.

Heather did not find her educational goal immediately. She thought she might want a position in the medical field in ultrasound, then in graphic design. The computer applications led her to coding websites, which she absolutely loved! Programming languages provides challenge and opportunity for problem solving, other incentives for this talented young woman.

Heather graduated with honors from El Centro in May 2017 with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Sciences with a major in Application Development. She will be continuing her education in Information Technology and has her eyes on a Bachelor’s degree. She works at the Dallas County Community College District Office as a Programmer/Analyst.
Best news: Heather has joined our branch. Congratulations, Heather.

2016 Recipient Nicki Elliott

2015 Recipient Liying LeeDaryl Nicole Elliott (Nicki) finished her AA degree from Brookhaven College in Spring 2016 and is transferring to University of Texas Dallas to pursue a major in Political Science for her B.S.

Nicki has come a long way after dropping out of school in her junior year to escape the abuse of her home life. She is self-taught, remediating that which she never learned. She worked as a retail cashier to pay the bills and study independently. In spite of the difficulties getting to college, Nicki now maintains a 4.0 GPA. We are proud to assist her in reaching her goals.

2015 Recipient Liying Lee

Liying Lee with her two sons

2015 Recipient Liying Lee

Liying Lee came to the United States from China when she was 28 years old, 6 years ago. She became a U.S. citizen on August 21, 2012.
Her goal is to receive her Bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Liying is married and has two young sons. Our award helped her continue her education at Brookhaven College.



2014 Recipient Frances Odilil

2014 Recipient Frances Odilil

Frances Odilil, right, receives her award from AAUW Scholarship Chair, Anna Master

Frances works part-time as a certified pharmacy technician for Minyard Food Stores. She is going to college full-time to pursue her two-year degree in Nursing. She plans to matriculate to a four-year college to continue her Nursing education after graduating with her AAS in Nursing. She is currently pursuing her education at Trinity Valley Community College.

Frances is married and has three young children.