E– Equitable and accessible EDUCATION for all women and girls has been the bedrock of AAUW for 130 years.

Attendance at District/State meetings

April 25-27, 2014
Three members—Jan Domaracki, Delryn Fleming and Pris Mowinkel—attended the State Conference in Hurst, Texas.

Sept 23, 2015
Four members—Betty Bourgeois, Jan Domaracki, Delryn Fleming and Pris Mowinkel–attended State Board meeting in Euless to hear policy insights from Lisa Maatz.

education - sept 23

Helped establish new branch

July – October 2015

President Delryn Fleming met with State Secretary and Abilene branch member Susan Roehrig-Quick in summer 2015, to plan a new member drive and branch creation in San Angelo, Texas. She helped make contacts for potential members and attended the informational meeting in early fall. She provided some assistance to Susan in finding a resource for new by-laws and joined the new branch.

Modern Day Slavery Lecture:

November 2015-February 2016

Our branch coordinated with the Farmers Branch Manske Library to advertise and present a public book discussion and to advertise and host a lecture by nationally acclaimed author of A Crime So Monstrous: Face-to-Face with Modern-Day Slavery, Ben Skinner.
Mr. Skinner traveled the world observing the sale of human beings. His definition of “slaves” as “people who are forced to work, under threat of violence, for no pay beyond subsistence” helped establish the enormity of the problem worldwide. His extensive research over five years took him to “trafficking networks and slave quarries, urban child markets, and illegal brothels.”
In addition to Mr. Skinner’s insights, local director of Mosaic Family Services, Bill Bernstein, provided information on ways the audience could be involved in helping alert authorities to suspected trafficking and to help with the needs of those rescued from trafficking.
Over 100 people attended the event.